It was the year that no one could have predicted. As economies across the world have responded to the pandemic, 2020 has proven to be the most challenging and unpredictable yet for UK businesses. With lockdowns and social distancing, consumer behaviours have transformed overnight, forcing companies to think on their feet to provide goods and services to a nation in turmoil.

We invite you to a series of discussions with some of the UK’s best known entrepreneurs and business leaders to offer insight and inspiration about facing the future. Join Joe Wicks MBE, Levi Roots, Sharmadean Reid MBE & Lord Bilimoria for a series of unmissable online events covering innovation and technology adoption, trade and financial resilience – our business leaders will share their experience so others can reach their potential, whatever 2021 holds. Can we do it?
Yes Business Can.

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10:30 AM GMT

Available on-demand early December

10:30 AM GMT

Innovation: Fresh thinking for the future

When change is swift and uncertainty abounds, the ability to innovate is arguably one of the  most important skills needed by businesses. Whether we’re talking about pivoting an existing business to meet the evolving needs of consumers or coming up with new and inventive ways to solve challenges – innovation will likely be at the heart of the successful businesses of tomorrow. 

So how can entrepreneurs and business leaders embrace innovation? How can we look at consumer problems with fresh eyes and come up with successful solutions that supercharge our SMEs? We invite a fantastic panel of established entrepreneurs and business leaders to share their secrets of success, including Sharmadean Reid MBE, who will talk about her experience of shaking up the salon world with her groundbreaking businesses WAH Nails and Beautystack.

12:30 PM GMT

Tech Adoption: Harnessing the power of technology

We have been talking about the pace of change heralded by technology for many years. The latest innovation has transformed the way we work, creating a more flexible and connected workplace. When COVID-19 came along and almost overnight forced many businesses to stop using the office, it was thanks to technology that so many were able to keep going. 

So how much further can SMEs go? Are there further ways that leaders can harness technology to grow their businesses in this new and unpredictable landscape? Where should they be looking to next and how can they make sure they are getting the most out of the technology at their disposal? 

We’ll be joined by a brilliant panel of business leaders, including serial entrepreneur and fitness coach, Joe Wicks MBE, who will share not only how he has built an empire through social media but also how he engaged a nation during lockdown.

12:30 PM GMT

Financial Resilience: Weathering the financial storm

Sound financial planning and a close eye on cash flow are staples for any successful business, but as we’ve learned this year, it’s almost impossible to know with certainty what is around the corner. Building up a business’s financial resilience is essential if they are to navigate unforeseen challenges and succeed in difficult economic times. So where can small businesses start? What kinds of funding options should SMEs look to when bolstering their books and how can they ensure their company has the funds for unexpected costs’? 

We’ll be joined by an inspiring panel of business leaders, including Dragons’ Den success story and serial entrepreneur, Levi Roots, who will be sharing his secret sauce for wooing investors for brilliant businesses in trying times.

10:30 AM GMT

Trade: New markets in the new normal

Expanding into new markets has long been at the top of the list when it comes to ways you can grow your business. Whether looking at new areas of the country or aiming to  communicate with different demographics, how has 2020 and the pandemic changed the landscape for expansion? 

If you’ve got an established customer base at home and you feel your goods and services would also appeal in other countries, it makes sense to try and go global but what does that mean now, with the swathe of changes about to be brought in in the wake of Brexit?

We speak to some of the UK’s most successful and experienced business owners, including Cobra Beer founder and CBI President, Lord Karan Bilimoria – who grew and sold a global beer brand – to understand how the 'new normal' will impact on SMEs’ ability to expand their business networks in 2021 and how they’ve been preparing for life outside of the EU. We’ll discuss the common pitfalls of international trade and where leaders can find the resources they need to get going.

All webinars are 1 hour long.


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